Sissi VII - The Winds Of Doom Blow Again

Lost in the middle of New York, Ganryubigu thought to himself he should stop tampering with the evil of this world. That was until the Sikh cabdriver recalled him from his hill-billy stupor:
" - Very well, sahib, we're right here, at Ground Zero!"
Ganryubigu stood outside the cab, impressed by the negative energies that were flowing around him.
" - There is... a lot of pain... in this place..."
" - Of course it is, it's Ground Zero!"
" - Ground... Zero?"
" - Yes! World Trade Center! Airplanes! Big Ka-boom! What silly world are you living in?"
" - I... I don't know, I..."

Again came the painful memories of his exile in another realm, a desert of dreams, in which each step took him further and further away from Sissi, the Agonizing Harlot.

" - Hey, sahib, the ride's seven dollars, I don't drive this thing for free you know?"
" - Here, good man." Ganryubigu gave him a tenner he snitched from Freitaz's wallet. " - Keep the change, you filthy animal, and a happy new year!"
The cabby stared at him for a moment, then drove away as fast as he could.

Ganryubigu sensed the angry spirits around him, claiming for vengeance.

" - Get off! Get off me, you perverts! Go sneak up some Japanese schoolgirl's skirt!"

The ghosts kept creeping, unrelenting.

" - Your ass... we need your ass..."
" - Hot anus... hot anus..."
" - Brown little hole... so g-good..."

" - 'Tha fuck? I'm outta here!" Gayryubigu started running to the nearest subway entrance when a cold wind chilled his bowels and shrunk his wiener into the size of a pigmee shrimp.

" - Wah wah wah! You cannot escape the Sodomite Phantoms of Kibomo!"

" - What? What are you doing in this disaster area?"
" - Well, we held a franchise in the WTC, second tower, 63rd floor. You know, bondage, spanking, amateur videos, that kind of stuff. 'If it ain't Homo, it ain't Kibomo!' Nice motto, heh?"

" - Huh, yeah... I guess..."

" - But now we're trapped in the Netherworld, with no knowledge of pleasure or pain!" - the ghost shrieked in anguish - "The only way of bringing back those feelings is by possessing your..." But Ganryubigu already knew the rest of the answer.

" - No way, Rosé, I ain't servin' as a blow-up doll for a bunch of undead sex freaks!"

" - You need not to bother on that, for it is already too late for you to escape! Muahaha!"
Ganryubigu found himself invaded by an evil wind, a presence that forced its way up his rectum. But he would not falter to such ethereal rape, for he was Ganryubigu, heir of the Limpoku-Ryu, Master of The Gaping Fist.
No, he was standing none of this!

With inhuman strength, he squeezed the pervert ghosts off his annal cavity. They came out packed up in feces, still not believing a mere mortal could offer such resistance.

" - You... you bastard! How dare you treat the Sodomite Phantoms of Kibomo like this? Such arrogance will be paid a thousand-fold upon your sorry corn hole!" uttered the angry, stinking, shit-dripping specters.

" - Oh yeah? What about that methane cloud?"
" - What?" - the ghosts spoke fearfully, now.
" - Bite me." With a look of contempt, Ganryubigu unleashed a fireball that ignited the mist of flatulence the ghosts where sitting in. The flames combusted their damned souls, as they yelled horrible curses at a laughing Ganryubigu.

" - Ahhshhgghh killyouimgonnakillyouaagghhhhHH"
" - Ahhhgghttfc cfrgfhergagtnio"
" - Ooooh that tickles"

The last of the phantoms went away with a puff of smoke, as the fire extinguished.

"Looks like I was able to bring some peace to their troubled souls, after all." Ganryubigu thought to himself, sitting down exhausted.
" - Ouch! My butt hurts."

(to be CUNTinued)


Chas. disse…
Apre. É agora que os motores de busca nos descobrem com tanta palavra chave badalhoca em ingles :P
Anónimo disse…
What da fuck is this? Mocking honest and dedicated cabdrivers?? The next cab you'll get it's up your Krakatoa ass!!!

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